Find the right service for the right occasion - Mobile or Wheelie Bins

What is a Wheelie Bin?

Wheelie bins (sometimes called rear lift bins, mobile garbage bins or MGB for short) usually come in one of the following sizes 120L, 240L, 660L or 1,100L. They are particularly useful if you need to move them around your property and in order to make them accessible for collection (in urban surroundings, difficult pick up locations, narrow streets, challenging areas etc.)

In most cases, wheelie bins are manoeuvered to the side or rear of the vehicle, where the bin is placed on a hydraulic lifter. In the vehicle body the waste is compacted in order to maximise vehicle utilisation.

Once the truck is fully loaded, the commodities are transported for further treatment at a transfer station, recycling centre or go to landfill for disposal. Some rear-load vehicles are also fitted with scales that can weigh the waste.

Rear-load vehicles are lower in height than many other waste collection vehicles, making wheelie bins a good choice for areas that have height restrictions, such as underground carparks, or areas with overhead power lines.

*container dimensions are indicative only and vary from region to region

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