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Our Deep Clean Disinfection Misting Service is designed to disinfect inanimate environmental surfaces such as floors, walls, structures, ventilation and other equipment. We disinfect your office, workplace or residence by delivering a broad- spectrum disinfection misting service, enabling us to sanitise large areas in short periods of time.

Disinfection Misting is an antimicrobial barrier that has persistent activity to greatly prevent the transmission of germs in environments such as hospitals, schools, aged care, cruise ships, public transport and other environments where people are in close proximity to each other for extended periods. It does this by bonding to the surface, creating a safe and long lasting nano-transparent shield over surfaces, enabling it to continue fighting harmful germs long after.

If you require further technical information or MSDS please contact us.


  • Remove any materials that could be damaged by moisture e.g. paperwork
  • ALL food items MUST be removed from the area to be treated
  • All electrical equipment should be covered with plastic (e.g. keyboards and monitors)
  • If your site has fish tanks, aquariums or ponds please ask us for additional guidance
  • Suitable for COVID-19 disinfection, if you require further technical information or MSDS please contact us


  • Any staff or members of the public within the facility at time of misting
  • Trip hazards or excessive clutter
  • Re-entry to site before all areas are dry and vented (normally after 1 hour)
  • Using any exposed food/drinking containers before washing thoroughly
The disinfection application involves the use of an automatic ULV mister designed to disperse the disinfectant in fine micron particles that will appear to hang in the air as they slowly settle onto all surfaces.

This will result in the surfaces becoming moist for a short period after the treatment. This period is when the disinfectant acts and the surface must be left to dry.

There is no access to the space during this period, which is typically 1 hour post completion of application, dependent on the ventilation of the premises.

* Please note that a travel fee may apply in some regional locations.

Important notice

Please note that acceptance criteria varies across States and Territories. Have a look at our Allowed and Prohibited lists below to get an understanding, however in order to receive information about the most recent regulation, please visit you local council website.

Unless noted otherwise, Hazardous Materials** and Dangerous Goods*** are strictly banned in all waste streams. If you are not sure or have a requirement to dispose of any of these types of items please contact us and we will find a solution for you.

**Hazardous Materials - Unless explicitly allowed, Hazardous Materials include Aerosol Cans, Tyres, Batteries, Asbestos, Chemicals of any kind, Oil Heaters, Gas Bottles, Fire Extinguishers, Old Insulation, Fibro, Fibreglass roof sheeting, Fibro-cement sheeting, Ammunition, Flares, Paint, Paint Related Products, Other Prescribed or Hazardous Wastes, Bio Wastes or any Liquid or Flammable Waste like Fuel and Oil, Poisons, or any other Liquid Waste. If you are not sure or have a requirement to dispose of any of these types of items please contact us and we will find a solution for you.

***Dangerous Goods - Unless explicitly allowed, Dangerous Goods include Explosive Substances and Articles, Gases, Flammable Liquids and Solids, Self-Reactive Substances and Solid Desensitized Explosives, Substances liable to spontaneous combustion, substances which, in contact with Water, emit Flammable and/or Toxic Gases, Oxidizing Substances, Organic Peroxides, Toxic Substances, Infectious Substances, Radioactive Material, Corrosive Substances, Miscellaneous Dangerous Substances and Articles. If you are not sure or have a requirement to dispose of any of these types of items please contact us and we will find a solution for you..