Become a Waste Service Provider with Redooo

Redooo provides waste management services across Australia with a growing list of services, Redooo is on the lookout for new service providers to reach new locations, provide new services, and provide the best outcomes for our customers.

Got Waste? Redooo it!

Become a Waste Service Provider with Redooo

Grow your business with Redooo

Free to join: Redooo is looking for more service providers across Australia to join our free network and grow your business using the Redooo service and national spend.

Set your prices: Redooo allows service providers to control their pricing and service availability, you will have the freedom to accept or decline new work and service turnaround times.

Marketing: Utilise Redooo's marketing spend to grow your business with no expense for your business. Redooo's evolving service provider benefits will assist your businesses profile growth

Enjoy all the benefits of becoming a Redooo service provider

  • Access to Australia's largest waste aggregation service
  • Mutually beneficial partnership
  • National marketing exposure
  • Service flexibility lies with you
  • Recognition in the involvement of an environmental hub
  • Utilise Redooo's support and call centre
  • Development of a service provider portal
  • Data-sharing opportunities
  • Set your own prices
  • Networking opportunities
  • Larger Business opportunities
  • Business expansion opportunities

Become a waste service provider with Redooo

Want more business opportunities and free marketing support leveraging the Redooo brand campaigns. Redooo is growing the most comprehensive list of subcontractors in Australia for more service coverage and capability. Got Waste? Redooo it!

Redooo service provider requirements


Redooo requires all service providers to operate with a level of professionalism on behalf of Redooo and the future of customer requests through the website. As the service provider, any interactions with the customer require professional language, etiquette and respect for the customer. Redooo intends to assist your business in sales and service growth and requires all service providers to operate with a high level of professionalism.


Redooo utilises in-house resources to ensure waste compliance specifications are met for each waste stream serviced by you and your business. The minimum requirements are that your business has public liability insurance. If you are disposing of more complex waste streams the requirements are far more strict and detailed, Redooo will provide forms and details dependent on the services outlined in any agreement with Redooo.


Redooo requires service providers to present themselves professionally, with clean attire and waste equipment, (including waste collection trucks, waste skip bins, other waste receptacles). Redooo provides businesses with the platform to win new business and requires service providers to maintain the service level to retain the work.


Redooo requires business maintain a competitive pricing model to ensure new work is won, Redooo also only allows 1 price rise per year in line with government levy changes. Once your price is entered Redooo will allow you to manage your pricing for new services only, so you can change your pricing freely - keeping in mind, your prices will affect your website position when your service is selected.





The smart way to reduce your waste costs, increase your recycling rates and improve your level of service.

Got Waste? Redooo it!

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