Transport and Logistics Industry

From planes and trains to ships, trucks, and couriers, Redooo has a waste solution for all transport and logistics brands.

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From cities to remote areas, Redooo can help with waste removal across Australia.

Unsure of what you need or disposing of complex waste? We're always ready to help. Feel free to contact our team at any time, 24/7.

Making waste removal easier for your logistics business

Redooo offers a diverse range of bins catering to the unique needs of transport and logistics companies, including specialised bins and services such as secure lockable containers for confidential documents and solutions for plastic wrapping waste. We also provide timber bins for pallet recycling, enabling the repurposing of timber for furniture, mulching to create new timber products, or usage as animal bedding when diverted from landfills. In addition, we supply cardboard, food, and general waste bins.

Our online platform makes booking bins and services with Redooo a fast and straightforward process, ensuring that waste management is efficient and hassle-free for your transport and logistics business.


Range of services

Redooo offers a wide range of services for your transport and logistics company.

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Get on board with our sustainable solutions

Redooo offers color-coded bins to assist you and your team in efficiently separating waste for recycling purposes. We collect the designated recycling bins and transport the waste to recycling facilities for proper processing, guaranteeing responsible and eco-friendly waste disposal.

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