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Redooo (a member of global environmental services company REMONDIS) is a unique digital-first solution to comprehensive waste management. We service customers across all industries throughout Australia, providing simplified waste service ordering and management via our online platform. Enjoy transparent pricing, no lock-in contracts and flexible waste management services. Whether you're looking for residential waste services or enterprise-level integrated waste management, we have a solution for every scale.

Australia-wide flexible residential waste services

Renovating your home? Landscaping the garden? Cleaning out the garage? Redooo brings the flexibility of scaleable waste collection right to your doorstep. We've made it easier than ever for residential customers to access all scales of waste needs. Our online bookings allow you to book the waste service you need, with transparent pricing, local service providers, and flexible delivery and collection options.

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Seamless residential waste services

The effortless solutions you need in one easy platform.

Empowering small businesses

We've revolutionised waste management for Australian small businesses. There's no need to juggle multiple service providers, confusing waste guidelines or inaccurate quotes with Redooo's complete waste management services. With a nationwide network of service providers, we provide customised waste management across every industry and waste type.

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Nationwide small business services

Integrated waste management for all industries.

Enterprise-level waste solutions

Our robust nationwide service network benefits you from comprehensive, integrated waste management for enterprise-level operations. With multi-site and site-specific services, we provide a unique solution to the waste needs of your organisation. Our online account management, in-depth reporting, scaleable services and dedicated customer service teams provide accessible and affordable solutions that are streamlined and efficient.

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Comprehensive waste management solutions

Scaleable, multi-site solutions for enterprise customers.

Become a Redooo partner

Discover the benefits of becoming a partner in the Redooo network, which include nationwide business growth opportunities and access to service bookings in the postcode or suburb locations you serve. We'll empower you to focus on efficient service delivery while scaling your business.

1,500+ Partners across Australia

6,000+ Sites managed

500k+ Services per annum