Frequently Asked Questions


Redooo takes care of all your waste disposal and recycling needs. Therefore, we are primarily providing bin services. Due to our extensive partner network we are able to provide rear lift bins of 120L, 240L, 660L and 1,100L, front-lift bins of 1.5m³, 3.0m³ and 4.5m³, skip bin services of 2m³, 3m³, 4m³, 5m³, 6m³, 7m³, 8m³, 9m³, 10m³, 11m³ and 12m³, as well as hook-lift bins or roll on / roll off containers of 10m³, 12m³, 15m³, 18m³, 20m³, 25m³, 30m³, 33m³ and 40m³.

In some areas we even offer in-between sizes. The range of bin sizes available is subject to the availability in your area. Additionally, we are happy to help you with any liquid waste removal requirements using vacuum tankers, or any other special request you might have. For a detailed overview of the bins we provide please have a look at our bin types page.

If you want to make a special request please contact us directly.
We value our customer's time and fully understand that estimating the right bin size is not always easy. Therefore, you can find comparisons of tonnes, wheelie bins and wheelbarrows for each bin when you select a bin type. If you are unsure we recommend ordering one size larger. This is much more cost efficient compared to ordering an additional bin once you realise there is more waste to dispose of.
Skip bins usually range in size from 3m³ up to 9m³ and can have access doors or ramps, although this is not standard. The same goes for hook-lift bins mostly seen in sizes ranging from 12m³ to 30m³. Please contact our service centre prior to booking in order to make sure that the one you choose comes with the type of access that you require.
Skip bins do not generally come with a lid or cover but front lift bins do. It may be possible to supply a tarp or lid system as a special request. Please contact our service centre prior to booking if you need this feature.
One time means that you will only require the bin to be dropped off and then collected when full. This generally relates to skip bin services or hook-lift bins, or an ad-hoc collection of some special waste that is unlikely to be repeated.

Recurring services are those you would like to have performed on a regular repeating schedule. Recurring services are often front-lift or rear-lift bins that are collected say weekly or fortnightly.
Yes! When booking your bin you can specify a collection date at a predetermined point in the future. However, note that rental fees may apply if skip bins or hook-lift bins remain unserviced for more than a week.
Your order number serves only as reference in the beginning of your order. That is why we communicate it to you directly after placing the order and in the email we send you afterwards in case you need to discuss the order straight away with our service centre. While processing and organising your services we create for each bin commodity combination. This is the 7-digit number starting with R you see in your dashboard. Please use this number whenever getting in contact with us in order to clearly refer to the service you want to discuss.


For all one time services we take payment upfront at the time of order. Recurring orders also involve an upfront payment as well as a service charge for each service that takes place. We will debit this recurring service charge from your default payment method four days prior to scheduled date. If we cannot process your payment, we will advise you and give you a short window to correct the issue before we try again. If the second payment also fails, we will automatically suspend your service until the payment issue is corrected.
Extra charges apply when you overload the bin or contaminate it with prohibited material. Please educate yourself using our information pages about what material can be placed in the various bin or service types. Additional charges may also apply for extending the time you require some bins or if you provide us with late notice of a delayed collection and the driver is already on the way to you. The extra charges for extending / delaying the service time are communicated to you during the ordering process. If you are unsure about any of those charges our service centre experts are happy to consult you individually.

A futile charge may be applied if the bin is inaccessible at the time the driver tries to conduct the service. Additional per litre or per Kilogram charges may apply if the estimated volumes are incorrect.
We currently offer payment by most common credit cards and PayPal. If you desire another method of payment please contact us.
All data transactions are securely processed via Braintree, a PayPal company.


Yes, our service partners are required to hold their own insurance before they undertake work for Redooo. Redooo also has its own insurance cover.
If our service partners have caused the damage, they will be required to repair it. Redooo will assist you to resolve this matter and you should contact our service centre immediately on becoming aware of the damage so that we can start an investigation.


Ordinarily no. However, you can order a delivery for the following day until 2pm AEST. In urgent cases please contact our service centre.

Remote geographic locations may prohibit next day delivery even if ordered prior to 2pm the previous day.

Some contractors have specific days during the week they do their bin deliveries to various areas. This being said, we will always attempt to satisfy your individual requirements where possible.
The delivery window is a preference that we communicate to our partners. Please keep in mind that due to scheduled services, the amount of demand on that day, the distance to your location or simply vehicle or traffic issues, we are unable to guarantee your delivery at the requested time.

Our partner should however keep you informed if there are any delays associated with delivering your service.

Please provide us feedback via your dashboard or contact our service centre if there were any significant delays in order for us to improve our services.
As described above, unexpected issues can arise. If a driver did not arrive, please contact us immediately.
In some cases that is possible. Please contact our service centre directly.
In some cases it is possible for a weekend delivery if enough notice is given. Please contact our service centre to discuss further.
It is preferable for you to be present when we deliver a bin. However, if you cannot be present or you cannot nominate an alternate site contact, give us detailed instructions and we will do our best to deliver the bin correctly.
The truck usually requires a 3m wide access and 4m height clearance. If the service is a front-lift type service, we may need 7m height clearance. The height clearance is really important as it will put the driver at risk if contact is made with overhead power lines. We will also require a good turning circle or a suitable way of manoeuvring in and out of your site. Also bear in mind that the trucks are heavy and you need to ensure the surface we are driving on can handle up to a 27.5t gross vehicle mass truck. We do have some smaller trucks, but you will need to request this upfront.

If you're worried about the access please contact us.
Please make sure that the area of placement as well as the access is clear and ready to place the bin. The most common problems are overhead power lines or overhanging trees so please allow a clearance height of 4 metres above the target site (7 metres for front-lift) for unloading of skip or bin. Please also avoid uneven, boggy or sloping ground.


When selecting your desired bin in the ordering process we provide you with approximate measurements for the bin class you are about to order. Please mind that these measurements are subject to change depending on the partner that will service you. If you need a precise description beforehand our service centre will provide you with exact information.
The normal hire period is seven days. To extend your service simply notify us in the delivery notes or by contacting our service centre. Charges do apply for rents exceeding the normal hire time.
You will need a permit from your local authority for any bin you wish to place outside your private property, i.e., on footpaths, easement, nature strip or any other public land.
Since our partners drivers are placing the bin strategically for the pick-up, we suggest you don't move it. If you need to move the bin, please contact our service centre to discuss.
In most cases, the bins or skips will not cause damage. However, please keep in mind that the bin delivery trucks are very heavy in weight (up to 27.5t). Thus, trucks may leave tyre impressions on your lawn, or crack concrete that can't handle the weight of the truck. If in any doubt, please advise us not to drive over an area that we could damage. Our partners take all possible care with the placement of the bins to avoid damage.


Please refer to our waste types page for comprehensive information about commodity bins and the specific allowances and prohibitions for each type.
In the event that our partners identify prohibited material in your bin, we may be required to charge you a contamination fee to remove it and ensure its proper disposal. You could also find yourself an unwanted recipient of a fine from your State environmental authority or local council. Please understand that polluting bins with unacceptable materials is a major concern for waste management companies and, in many cases, an offence under environmental legislation. In order to achieve the required treatment of waste materials and to achieve the best possible recycling outcomes, we need your help to comply with our lists of Allowed and Prohibited waste materials.
The content of material that goes into your bin is your responsibility. Therefore, we advise our customers to place your bin with care, preferably on your private property, and check the loading before collection. Some bins on recurring services can also be fitted with locking devices – please contact our services centre to discuss, or note this in the special requirements section when placing your order.
Yes, you can put white goods such as old fridges, freezers, washing machines, clothes dryers, dishwashers and microwave ovens into a skip or hook-lift bin. Fridges and freezers however require some additional attention before they can be placed in the bins and must be de-gassed first by an authorised degassing agent (your fridge or air-conditioning technicians are usually qualified to do this).
We can organise a special collection of these waste streams to ensure they are properly disposed of or recycled. Please raise a booking using the system for these materials or contact our service centre and we will get back to you with a price.
Asbestos has historically been used as insulation for buildings and in fibre cement and is present in many homes and businesses in Australia. Moving or breaking up asbestos containing materials can cause asbestos fibres to be released and these can cause serious health problems, especially to your lungs after inhaling. We always recommend that asbestos is removed by a qualified expert with an asbestos removal licence.

We can provide a bin for the removal of non-friable asbestos from your property. However, it needs to be double wrapped in plastic in accordance with the relevant asbestos regulations before placing it in the bin. It is also strongly recommended that you store the bin in a secure area where it cannot be accessed by the general public.
You may also include mattresses and carpets in your general waste bin. However, please make this clear when booking your bin as we may need to advise the disposal facility in advance and there may be some additional charges. Tyres cannot be placed in the general waste bins and must be collected separately, but we can organise this for you. Please contact our service centre for more detailed information.
Please fill any bin no higher than the top rim. Our partners will need to tarp the bin prior to transport and overfilling the bin can make this difficult if not impossible.
Unfortunately, you will be instructed to remove the excess material and if the driver has to wait for you to do this, additional charges may be incurred. It's always better to organise a larger bin to start with or put the excess material aside and book another bin – let us know before the collection date and we can tell our partner to exchange the full bin with an empty one instead of just collecting it.
Yes, please note the weight limit for your bin once you select the size. You'll find the information below the Total (Upfront) Charge. If you exceed the weight limit an overfilling charge does apply.
All bins have weight limits although some are dictated by the weight included in the price, while others are dictated by the weight that the truck can carry. Generally, if the bin has a fixed service fee, we will tell you the maximum weight that is included in the fixed fee before additional charges apply.

If a bin has a service fee plus a variable charge per tonne or cm3, then there isn't any included weight and you can fill the bin up to the trucks maximum carrying capacity. For hook-lift bins, this is generally 10t, while for skips it will depend on how many axles the truck has.

Our service partners can advise you of this when delivering the bin, or you can request this information when booking your service.
Sure, please contact us or place a second order using your dashboard.


As long as you give us enough notice (normally 24 to 48 hours Monday to Friday), we should be able to collect the bin early. Simply request the pick up on your dashboard or contact our service centre.
Ideally you would have already booked when you ordered the bin. Determining the pick-up date later is also fine unless the driver is not already on the way to pick it up. To be on the safe side inform us at least 24 to 48 hours in advance between Monday to Friday.
Once you request a collection date, we will check with our service partner and send you an email to confirm we can meet your requested collection date or provide you with alternative date.
No. Just make sure that the bin is accessible and that there is enough room for the vehicle to manoeuvre as necessary. Oh, and make sure that the bin is not overfilled!
Sure. If the replacement is not part of your existing order please contact our service centre so that we can deliver the new bin without any delay.
Yes, please let us know immediately by contacting our service centre or leaving feedback for the service on your dashboard.


Once the commodities leave your property our partner will either transport the material to a transfer station to prepare the waste for disposal at a landfill or deliver it to a recycling facility. Which solution will be chosen depends on the material to treat, the composition of the material and the availability of treatment facilities in your area.
Whilst it is true that landfilling is still a major destination for many wastes in Australia, Redooo and our partners aim to divert as much of this waste as possible to specialised recycling facilities and there are new recycling facilities opening all the time.
This depends on the material you are disposing of and the recycling facilities in your specific area. In order for you to receive a detailed overview of how much you contributed to recycling we have created a personalised statistics tool in your dashboard. Sign in or create an account to view your analyses.


Redooo's packages comprise a selection of recommended services, devised by our waste management and sustainability experts. Some of these services are classed as 'Qualifying Services' (indicated by a bolt icon next to the service), which are essential for discount eligibility.
A 'Qualifying Service' refers to any recurring service that is scheduled either daily, weekly, fortnightly, or every four weeks.
We have specifically designed these industry-oriented waste management packages to deliver efficient solutions for the waste management needs of your particular industry.
Yes, you have the option to add, change, modify or remove any services from any package. However, please note that doing so may affect the discounts associated with your package.
A P.O.A (or Price on Application) service refers to any service for which we do not have immediate prices available at the time of your order. Don't worry; you can still place your order, and we will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for any P.O.A items. If you choose to proceed with the quote and any P.O.A service qualifies as a 'Qualifying Service' as per the above information, we will apply any updated discounts to your account automatically.
Your discount will be applied when you are charged for your service, which is typically four days prior to your scheduled service. If you increase or decrease the number of 'Qualifying Services' at your location, this will affect your eligible discount when your payment is processed.
Absolutely. The pricing in your cart for ongoing (future) charges displays the full retail price. Don't worry; your discount will be applied when your payment is processed for each future service.
Easy! Please contact our friendly team, and we will provide you with personalised advice tailored to your business's waste management needs.