Supermarket and Convenience Store Industry

With deliveries, restocking shelves, and constant foot traffic, waste can quickly pile up at supermarkets and convenience stores. With Redooo, waste removal is one task you can effortlessly check off your list.

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Simplifying waste removal for your store

Redooo specialises in managing various waste categories for supermarkets and convenience stores. Our services cover cardboard recycling, food waste, paper (including secure solutions for handling sensitive, confidential information), co-mingled, general waste, and many other waste types.

Booking cleaning and waste removal services is a breeze with our user-friendly online platform. By choosing Redooo, you can streamline your waste management process, recycle what you can and ensure responsible handling of all waste materials.


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We service small convenience stores to large supermarket chains.

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Sustainable and convenient solutions

Supermarkets and convenience stores possess significant potential for recycling waste. Paper, being 100% recyclable, can be processed efficiently, while many cardboard boxes are also recyclable. Moreover, food waste can be composted at commercial waste processing facilities. By partnering with Redooo, we can provide options for the most appropriate recycling methods, ensuring a responsible and sustainable waste management approach.

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