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Healthcare professionals require dependable, secure, and efficient waste removal services. Redooo specialise in medical waste removal, ensuring the highest standards for your facility.

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Waste removal for your healthcare facility

In healthcare settings, waste removal is crucial for maintaining infection control and adhering to occupational health and safety standards. Biowaste can lead to severe consequences if not managed properly. Our Redooo teams comprehend the significance of a sanitary and secure environment for healthcare workers, patients, and visitors, and possess the knowledge and skills necessary to dispose of biowaste safely and appropriately.

We offer specialised waste removal services and bins for potentially hazardous medical waste. For 'sharps', including scalpels, blades, needles, and wires, we provide a variety of Sharps Disposal Containers. These containers range from portable, spill-proof, and puncture-proof single-use containers to larger, reusable ones. Once the single-use sharps containers are filled and sealed, they can be disposed of in any Clinical Waste Bin, which Redooo can also supply. These Clinical Waste Bins are suitable for sharps, human tissue, and laboratory waste.

Whether it's a one-off or repeat service you need, within a few clicks you can book a Redooo team to assist with all biowaste removal.


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With Redooo's specialised bins, waste can be organised and easily separated to avoid recyclable waste being mixed or contaminated. We can provide clinical waste, paper recycling, food waste compost and general waste bins (just to name a few), to correctly store each type of waste allowing us to recycle as much as possible.

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