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From recycling soft drink cans and beer bottles to maintaining grease traps and supplying food waste bins, Redooo has all the waste and cleaning solutions your restaurant, pub, or club needs.

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Simply type in your venue location and select your service to receive super-fast pricing.

Unsure of what you need or disposing of complex waste? We're always ready to help. Feel free to contact our team at any time, 24/7.

Your waste is our problem

Redooo takes the hassle out of waste disposal and recycling for your restaurant, pub, or club. Enjoy the convenience of booking our services quickly and easily through our online platform, right from your own home.

We supply specialised bins for different types of recyclable waste, including yellow-lid bins for commingled products (recyclable food and beverage packaging), food waste, and paper recycling bins. Additionally, we offer regular grease trap servicing to clear blockages and remove excess buildup.

With Redooo handling the nitty-gritty of waste management, you'll have more time to focus on serving delicious food and drinks!


Grease is the word

Our grease trap services include clearing blockages, removing excess build up, inspections, audits and cleaning.

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Raise your glass to our sustainable waste solutions

Restaurants, Pubs and Clubs have numerous recycling opportunities, and we aim to maximise your recycling efforts while minimising your contribution to landfill.

We can provide your restaurant with different bins for each waste type, and we work directly with recycling facilities to provide a diversion from landfill opportunity.

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