Caravan Park Industry

From pristine coastlines to the sandy deserts of central Australia, Redooo is here to handle all your waste removal needs, wherever your caravan park is located.

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Flexible booking options

Book a one-time service or a regular, recurring service to maintain your park's facilities throughout the year.

Unsure of what you need or disposing of complex waste? We're always ready to help. Feel free to contact our team at any time, 24/7.

We make life easier for caravan park operators

We simplify waste removal for caravan park operators. With expertise in food waste, grey water, black water, and general waste, Redooo covers all your caravan park waste removal needs.

We offer a variety of bin types and sizes, from regular wheelie bins to 40m³ hooklift bins, and provide cleaning and sanitation services as well.

Book a one-time or recurring service in just a few minutes to keep your caravan park clean and ready for guests.

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Extended services

In addition to waste removal, Redooo also offers cleaning and sanitation services for your caravan park.

What our customers say


One happy camper

Caravan parks offer guests a chance to be surrounded by natural beauty, but this also means that waste can easily harm the environment if not properly stored or disposed of.

Redooo has the skills and experience to invrease sustainability and minimise waste's impact on the environment.

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