Industrial Waste

At Redooo, we're well-versed in the challenges of managing bulky, unwieldy, and potentially hazardous waste materials from industrial sites. We're equipped with the expertise and gear needed to handle all sorts of waste securely and efficiently.

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Portal access

Take advantage of the Redooo portal and access your waste data and our free online training.

Unsure of what you need or disposing of complex waste? We're always ready to help. Feel free to contact our team at any time, 24/7.

We simplify waste disposal for your business

Industrial sites generate a wide range of waste types. Redooo crews can come directly to your location, supplying bins of all sizes to suit your needs, and then collect them once full. We ensure they're transported to the appropriate processing facility, so you don't have to worry about it.

From concrete to timber to construction materials, we swiftly and efficiently remove waste from your site to minimise workplace health and safety risks. You can book all our waste removal services through our online platform, either as a one-time service or on a recurring basis, depending on your needs.

With Redooo, waste management is one less task you need to handle on the job site.

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Hazardous waste

Redooo can help with any hazardous or dangerous waste

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Industrial grade sustainable waste solutions

Once we collect your filled bins, rest assured that Redooo will seize every opportunity to recycle waste wherever possible. Most types of industrial waste necessitate purpose-built, designated bins to ensure the contents won't be contaminated by other materials and can be recycled. For instance, Redooo can supply durable concrete bins and transport them to a resource recovery facility, where the contents can be crushed and repurposed as road base or aggregate.

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