Revolutionising retail waste management: your one-stop-shop solution

Retail business owners and managers shouldn't find it hard to access easy waste management services that are flexible, customised and affordable.

Sep 25, 2023

In 2023, retail business owners and managers have all kinds of priorities demanding their time and attention. Between delivering excellent customer service, managing inventory, and finding ways to compete with growing eCommerce buying options, finding time to deal with pesky waste management problems isn't exactly at the top of the priority list.

While this may not seem like the most obvious area to place your attention, inefficient waste services could be costing your retail business more than you realise. When your staff members are fighting with overloaded bins, struggling to decipher what kind of waste goes where, or searching for providers who can offer a cost-effective solution, they're not on the floor, engaging with your customers.

If you're looking for one easy way to save money every single week in your retail operations, Redooo's retail waste management package is ready for action.

How can retail stores benefit from a one-stop-shop solution?

There's nothing more frustrating than sitting on hold to yet another customer service team. That's why Redooo's combined all aspects of retail waste management into one streamlined service, removing the need to talk to one company for your general waste, another for your recycling, and yet another for plastics or food waste.

Our scalable retail packages give you a one-stop-shop solution to the various kinds of waste generated in your store. With packages designed for small locations, medium locations and large locations, you can find the perfect solution to a set-and-forget waste management approach. Our retail waste management packages can include...

  • General waste
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Document destruction
  • Sanitary bins
  • Untreated timber
  • Food waste

No matter what your retail store's selling, we've got an effortless waste solution that removes all the frustration of having to find yet another waste provider.

Lock-in contracts? Not for us

Australian retail business owners are no strangers to changing economic environments. Shifts in customer purchasing patterns mean your store may generate significantly more waste in some months of the year than others.

With no lock-in contracts, you can benefit from Redooo's flexible retail packages, accommodating changes to your waste needs in accordance with your store's activity.

A central online dashboard

Designed to create simplicity and easy access, our central online dashboard gives you full control over your retail waste management services. Need to change a service date, upgrade a service, or find support for a new kind of waste? Simply log in to your online Redooo account, and you'll have customisable options at your service. With a friendly customer service team just a moment away, you'll never have to navigate a complicated waste management system again.

Efficient and effective retail waste management

Streamlined operations are at the heart of a bustling retail store, where staff members can focus more on the customer's experience and less on fighting with waste challenges. With Redooo's one-stop-shop retail waste management solution, you can say goodbye to the stress of over-priced, over-complicated retail waste management for good.