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By providing effective and efficient waste removal services, Redooo can help keep care homes safe, clean and comfortable for our elderly community.

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We make waste removal easier for your aged care business

From medical procedures and meal preparation to garden maintenance and general cleaning - the running of an aged care home involves many tasks, all of which generate waste.

Our teams are equipped and experienced to deal with some of the more delicate waste items that require special attention, including clinical waste and hazardous chemicals. Additionally, Redooo teams are specialised in food waste and green waste, and we can provide you with the right type and size of bin for the job. All our services can be booked on a one-off or recurring basis.

Redooo helps keep care homes clean and pleasant for residents, staff and visitors, allowing more time and space for providing care

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One-off or recurring services

Whether you need a weekly bathroom cleaning service or removal of green waste after ad-hoc garden maintenance Redooo can help.

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Sustainable solutions that make you smile

Redooo looks for every opportunity to recycle and reuse waste - especially food and green waste. We can provide food waste bins for your aged care home, to help direct as much food waste as possible to commercial waste processing sites for composting or digestion. With our green waste bins, we arrange for the contents to be reused for soil improvers, fertilisers, mulch and compost. With Redooo, spoiled food and garden offcuts can have a new life.

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