Simplifying waste management for Australian aged care facilities

With our aged care facility waste management package, your staff can spend less time navigating waste administration and more time with your residents.

Oct 09, 2023

For Australian aged care facilities, maintaining a hygienic, clean environment is the first step in offering a high quality of care to residents. Aged care facilities face a wide range of challenges when it comes to effective waste management, with all kinds of waste types being generated on a daily basis. From kitchen waste through to general rubbish and specialised categories, such as medical waste, the mishandling of waste can have ongoing negative consequences for staff and residents alike.

Redooo's passionate about simplifying waste management services for Australian businesses of all shapes and sizes, giving them access to transparent pricing, flexible services, and customised solutions. That's why we've designed an aged care waste management solution that removes all of the headaches of managing facility waste, giving staff more time and energy that can be redirected to supporting their residents. With cost savings and one easy, integrated management system, everyone's a winner!

Easy compliance with aged care industry requirements

In Australia, our aged care industry is governed by stringent requirements that are designed to ensure both the environment and the facility's residents themselves are protected. Healthcare waste is a common occurrence in aged care environments, with all kinds of staff members coming into contact with this form of specialised waste. Without an effective management system, workplace health and safety standards are immediately at risk.

In Redooo's aged care packages, we've combined the necessary waste services that make easy work of meeting these industry regulations. With Sharps containers that are regularly serviced, and Biowaste Wheelie Bins, the risk of contamination are significantly reduced, keeping residents and staff safe and secure.

Saving your staff time and energy

With so many demands on their time, every minute your staff members can reallocate to caring for residents is crucial. Our efficient aged care waste management package means your team can redirect their energy away from the admin surrounding complicated waste management and back to where it's needed most.

Skip out on chasing up multiple suppliers, following up on a late bin service, or working through confusing pricing structures to understand what your facility needs. With Redooo's custom-designed package, you'll have the exact waste services your aged care facility needs delivered in one simple, streamlined solution.

Package discounts = waste management savings

Our aged care industry packages offer ongoing cost savings through package discounts on qualifying services, including a 2.5% discount on qualifying services for small sites, a 5% discount on qualifying services for medium sites, and a 7.5% discount on qualifying services for large sites.

Redooo's nationwide network of suppliers also means we're able to negotiate affordable waste services that are transparently priced, making sure you're not overpaying for these ongoing services.

Ready to simplify your aged care facility waste management? Find a one-stop-shop solution with no lock-contracts, customisable waste types, and a dedicated customer service team with Redooo.