Simplifying waste management for tattoo parlours

Tattoos are full of the buzz of new designs coming to life - but they're also full of dangerous waste. Here's how to simplify the waste management of your tattoo parlour.

Mar 10, 2023
Front of Tattoo studio with neon lights

Tattoo shops can be the place where dreams come true. With a recent McCrindle report finding that one in four Australians have a tattoo, there's no confusion as to why tattoo parlours continue to proliferate across urban, suburban and regional Australia alike.

With great power (like a permanent etching on someone's skin!) comes great responsibility. Tattoo parlours are governed by strict Australian compliance requirements, ensuring the general public are in safe and skilled hands when it comes to their tattoo experiences. This extends to cleaning and waste management protocols that are necessary to maintaining tattoo hygiene certificates.

What kind of waste management is necessary for a tattoo parlour?

A standard day in the life of a tattoo parlour will see a wide range of waste generated, including:

  • Biological waste - such as used needles, blood-contaminated materials, and other infectious waste
  • Chemical waste - including tattoo ink, disinfectants and other chemicals used throughout the tattooing process
  • Plastic waste - such as gloves, ink cups and plastic wrap
  • Paper waste - including forms and packaging materials

Without a robust and compliant waste management plan in place, the specific kind of waste that surfaces in a parlour could pose a health risk to clients and personnel alike.

The state the tattoo parlour operates in also brings various waste management compliance considerations, with each state and territory providing specific regulations that must be met.

It's not all information overwhelm when it comes to waste management. With a simplified solution, you can maintain a tattoo parlour that's more focused on delivering the highest quality of creative work than it is the status of its sharps disposal.

How Redooo's waste management services can help

We've got the right service for the right occasion, including every kind of waste your tattoo parlour needs to dispose of.

For example, the NSW EPA tattoo shop cleaning checklist/factsheet highlights:

  • 'Clinical/biohazard waste (i.e. waste containing any blood or bodily fluids) must be disposed into a clinical waste bin and then collected by a licensed waste contractor.'
  • 'All waste should be bagged appropriately and disposed of daily.'

Health NSW also flags the need for needles to be disposed into an appropriate sharps container, bringing sharps disposal into necessary focus for tattoo practitioners.

That's where our fit-for-purpose waste management solutions come into play. With the ability to provide general waste management, biowaste destruction, sharps management and more, we can provide easy access to every kind of waste disposal and recycling service your premise needs. Simply use our online service finder to enter your address, select service type and size, specify any request details and finish off your order. With online management of your services, you can access as much or as little waste management as necessary on an ongoing basis.

Find the waste management support your tattoo parlour needs with Redooo.