Yellow sharps container with hazardous warning.

1.4L Sharps Container

Redooo offers high-quality 1.4 litre sharps disposal units that are specially designed to ensure the safe storage and disposal of contaminated needles and sharps. Installing these safe sharps disposal units in your washrooms helps protect your staff, visitors, and customers from common infections.

Our Heavy-Duty Sharps Disposal Units are made of tamper-resistant steel casings with a lock and barrel style circular key design. All our units comply with Australian Standards and are clearly marked with the Australian Standards Biohazard symbols and warning. Our units are easy to affix to the walls in your washroom.

It is important to note that sharps disposal units need to be serviced regularly to avoid a build-up of sharps in your washroom. By properly equipping your washroom with Redooo's sharps disposal units and ensuring their regular maintenance, you are taking a proactive approach to promoting a safe and hygienic environment for everyone.

* The equipment image, colour, dimensions and size are for demonstrative purposes only and can vary.