A black toilet paper toilet wipes roll dispenser.

Toilet Wipes

Redooo's toilet wipes tissue dispenser is crafted from high-quality ABS materials to ensure safety from tampering and dirt and dust.Unlike traditional large toilet paper dispensers, which are prone to damage and often ineffective in cutting the desired portion of toilet paper, our multi-Roll dispenser is specifically designed to address these issues.

With soft-edge features, superior finishing, and soft-edge cutting blades that contain antimicrobial agents, this dispenser provides exceptional durability and hygiene.

In addition to its functional benefits, our sleek dispenser is also designed to seamlessly complement any bathroom decor while offering ample capacity and capability. You can choose from 100% recycled toilet rolls or soft, strong, and absorbent jumbo rolls for convenient toilet paper refills.

* The equipment image, colour, dimensions and size are for demonstrative purposes only and can vary.