Understanding Food Organics Garden Organics how can you recycle your FOGO waste

Australia's years away from removing food and garden waste from landfill. In the meantime, how can FOGO waste be recycled with ease and accessibility? We've got the perfect solution.

Mar 10, 2023
Food organic apples that are rotten that need disposal or composting

Food Organics and Green Organics can be one of the most common forms of household waste. While Australians throw away approximately 300kg of food per person each year,only 30% of Australian households currently have access to FOGO collection services. That's a lot of waste going to landfill that could otherwise be recycled.

The Australian government has a planned national roll-out in place by the end of the decade - but how can we minimise our FOGO waste here and now?

What's covered within FOGO (Food Organics Garden Organics)?

FOGO encompasses all organic waste, including garden and food waste, animal droppings and kitty litter.

This is what makes it so different to green bins that may be on offer to you from your local council, which are only able to take garden waste (like grass clippings or wood trimmings).

How can you keep organic waste out of landfill?

While the roll-out of nationwide FOGO bins has much progress to be made before it reaches completion, there are a number of ways you can keep organic waste out of landfill in the meantime. These include:

  • Opting to FOGO when the roll-out is completed. As councils continue to progressively roll out FOGO bins, you'll have the opportunity to opt in for your area. You can also lobby your local council and proactively ask them to prioritise the provision of FOGO bins in your local area.
  • Reduce your kitchen waste. While it's wonderful to have opportunities to recycle kitchen waste, reducing your waste footprint is always a powerful way to contribute to a healthier environment. If you're regularly throwing out food that's untouched, consider how you can change your grocery shopping habits or meal prep routines to reduce kitchen waste. You'll also save on your food bill as a nice bonus!
  • Compost at home. Composting food waste at home is a great way to keep organic waste out of landfill. You'll receive nutrient-rich compost in return - for the avid gardeners amongst us, it's a win/win scenario.
  • Make use of Redooo's FOGO recycling services. We can make sure any green waste such as leaves, grass clippings, shrubs, branches, twigs, small tree trunks, palm fronds, hay, flowers, woodchips, bark and more are safely recycled through personalised waste management solutions. Our food waste management allows for fruits, vegetables, breads, grains, rice, pasta, dairy, egg shells, coffee grinds, cooked and uncooked meat, seafood, bones and more, creating the perfect recycling waste management solution for venues looking to minimise their environmental footprint.

Simplified FOGO management with Redooo

By creating a habit of recycling your FOGO waste, rather than sending it to landfill, you can make a remarkable and positive environmental impact. Our streamlined FOGO waste management services gives you the right service for the right occasion.

Whether you're landscaping a backyard, running a cafe or providing landscaping services, we'll give you instantaneous access to FOGO waste management that's focused on doing the right thing.