Four things not to forget when renovating

Renovating and DIY projects can be both rewarding and filled with headaches and surprises that you never even thought of.

Feb 07, 2023
Renovation of bathroom with tiling equipment and buckets on the floor.

Here's our tips and tricks not to forget before you start.

1. Cleaning Up BEFORE you start.

It might sound a little obvious, but if you'd never done any DIY project or renovations to your home, never underestimate the power of a clean-up and declutter before you start. If you've recently bought a house that is a deceased estate or the home you a renovating was recently the home of a hoarder, you will need to sort and remove before even starting to pick designs or colours. Cleaning up a property before you start gives you a better idea of the actual space available for you to play with and you might not automatically notice things that may affect the projects you're wanting to do. If you just want to get straight into it, at Redooo, we can help you by inspecting your property, doing all the heavy lifting and removal of rubbish as well as any final cleaning that may be required. You'll just be needed to remove valuable pieces or keepsakes that you do want to keep.

2. Transport for Equipment

If you're planning on doing most of the renovating and DIY work yourself, never underestimate the means in which you'll need to transport the equipment you might need. Whether its purchasing and moving furniture, picking up tiles or timber or even just general equipment, doing multiple runs to the hardware store because it simply doesn't fit is not a good use of anyone's time. Make sure you plan out exactly what you're getting, when you're getting it and how you're going to get it to your place in the first place!

3. Clearing of Rubble (Skip Bin/C&D Bins)

When doing any DIY project, always make sure you're prepared for the mess! Whether you're simply fixing some furniture or doing a full kitchen renovation, there is always going to be way more waste than anticipated. Make sure you check what you can and can't put in your local garbage bins and be prepared that you may need an extra-large bin such as a skip or speciality bin (especially when dealing with asbestos). With Redooo you can simply organise a one-off pick up and drop off using our easy online ordering system.

4. Landscaping (Green Bins)

So, you've finally completed the renovations to the actual house and the interior looks spick and span. Don't let yourself down by forgetting about the area around the house. A neat and clean looking garden or patio area with some beautiful plants or even just freshly cut grass without the weeds can elevate your new renos to a 10/10 and gives you and any new visitors the complete experience inside and out. If you're doing the garden area, again don't forget points 2. and 3. If you're planning to do it yourself, Redooo can always supply you with a landscape or green organics specific bin to ensure you're not only removing your waste cost effectively, you're disposing of it environmentally friendly!